Meet our Dog Trainers

dog trainers

So, who’s behind the scenes at Canine Unifursity?

It’s us! We’re Kaylee and Jake, and these are our dogs: Niko the German Shepherd/Pitbull, and Caine the German Shepherd Dog.

Kaylee is the founder and lead dog trainer, runs our social media, develops our packages & programs, and is the one you’ll probably talk to on the phone & meet with when chatting all things your dog!

Jacob is our COO and has a vast, experienced background in IT.  He makes sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes like our scheduling platforms, website, and other business programs. He’s also our designated” fun one” all the dogs love to play with!

Niko is our 9 year old Pittie / German Shepherd mix. Great at obedience and loved agility back in his prime. Will eat anything & everything. Loves cuddles and comfort of all kinds. 100% good boy.

Caine is our 7 year old German Shepherd. He has taught us so much about dog training and is the reason we’re so big on advocating for the dog you have and what they need. He’s our velcro dog and is always down to train for tracking and protection work!

We look forward to continue building a community of fabulous dogs for many, many years to come.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

We’re Certified Through:
-Animal Behavior College
-American Kennel Club CGC Evaluator
-Pet CPR and First Aid

Have questions? Send us an email here and we’ll get back with you.

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